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gabby wasn't crying. and he road in the ambulance to keep her company. baby and mom at the police department in san jose speaking with investigators both will be home tonight together. we know that baby gabby turns one on friday. at santa clara valley medical center, nick smith abc 7 news. >> thank you so much, nick. santa clara county officials calling their second gun buy back of the year a success. officials collected 610 guns including 17 assault-style weapons and 225 handguns they paid $60,000 for the people who no lock longer wanted the firearms. more than 1100 guns were purchased at the first buy back. >> the family of a bay area
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marine killed in a shooting is making plans now to go to washington to retrieve her remains. investigators say the 19-year-old was shot to death thursday by a 25-year-old tactics instructor sargeant lopez from pacifica. also accused of killing a fellow marine from mississippi. the shooting may have stemmed from a romantic entanglement. >> the under the circumstances us supreme court will begin hearing arguments in two same-sex marriage case that's could have an impact across the country ai. woman and her lesbian partner will be sitting in reserved seats in court courtesy of her cousin chief justice roberts. they are first cousins. >> the question of same-sex marriage is now before the supreme court on tuesday,
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wednesday, justices hear oral arguments in two cases. first up a challenge. the ballot that amendmented a constitution toin clud a ban on same-sex marriage. the justices could decide whether the couples have a fundamental right to marry. >> everyone we know and love has this right. we don't and it's time for us to have a chance at happiness. >> the court takes up defense of marriage act. 1996 law denying benefits to sex couples. >> when bell lel kt federal government deny benefits that would be available to heterosexual couples? >> a majority of couples believe same-sex couples should allowed to wed but 31 states restrict or ban
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same-sex marriage. outside of the court, activists on both sides are already camped out. >> i thop a traditional sexuality of man, woman in marriage. >> prop 8 passed it was hurtful to me and a lot of other californians. >> court could decide whether the constitution grants gays and lesbians rights to marry or the issue should be left up to the state. both cases will be decided in june. >> marriage equality advocates are planning on hr making their voices heard. they will be gathering soon at 7:00 the group will march to city hall. now, abc 7 news will be in washington, d.c. covering it for us. she'll be sitting in the court as the supreme court considers proposition 8. the live reports begin
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tomorrow here on abc 7. >> some bad news two people died when a truck flipped upside dmun a ditch this morning. chp says the man and 56-year-old woman were driving east near victoria island. rescuer workers had to pull the vehicle out of the ditch before getting to the two people. authorities have not released names and it's not clear what tlod that crash. >> this is a very exciting day for coastal communities there. is a ribbon cutting for first new tunnels to be built in 50 years that will give drivers around a stretch of highway 1 known as devil's slide. abc 7 news reporter is just souchblg pacific. they're so excited to see these things open. >> they are this, is the last time you're going to see traffic snaking by using old
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highway 1 that is behind use this was a day people living along the coast thought might never come. >> years of paper work. so i'm very excited to get to see tunnels. >> and caltrans wanted to a bypass road. it took a ballot she me sure to force state to build a tunnel. >> this is a freeway going to be 300 feet in places so this is a good compromise to make a safe road connecting the coast up and down jant cries to season san francisco. >> highway 1 had been a treacherous section of roadway
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prone to rock and mudslides. drivers lose control, cars plunging off the cliff. roadway would be close forward weeks and months. going southbound drivers will now cross a bridge feeding into twin tunnels. the view gone, the tunnels will link pacifica to the north. >> each tunnel wide we're standing in a shoulder now. so in a case of an meng vehicles can get buy. >> they will be named for the late councilman who secured the funding. local merchants expect business to pick up. this $439 million project paid for by federal funds. the first of three projects
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expected to open later this year. near pacifica, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> this is a cullination of a project that began five and a half years ago. cruise began building the tunnel september 17th2007, more than three years later on october 4, 2010, crews saw the light when punching through the funnel which is just over three quarters of a mile long. three months later, january 18th crews finished all of the digging. and caltrans will celebrate the end of another big tunnel project later this year. it's scheduled to open in late 2013. abc 7 news had a tour this month. the caldecott tunnel run as long highway 24 kektding oakland to orinda. >> drivers there waiting for that tunnel to open, too. some
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big changes in terms of tunnels but also another big change getting around town. reminders for people on the golden gate bridge. cruise installed giant signs above the toll plaza to let drivers know tolls will be electronic starting on wednesday. there no toll takers you can set up an account or get a bill in the mail after crossing the bridge. all changing on wednesday. >> all for better right? >> coming up hate being locked into two year sell krel phone plans? one carrier could make that a thing of the past. >> archie the dog, stolen on bart, back home. you're going to hear from the happy relieved owner. >> i'm abc 7 news sandhya patel live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center get ready for showers. i'll let you know if this will
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new on abc 7 news at 5:00 we have great mus to report about a missing dog. the little dog has been found. look how cute and returned to its owner. john? >> you're right archie is back safe and sound. bart says charges are pending against people who had the dog. this is archie spending time with corinne. he is a registered service dog who helps her dweel a plane crash involved in as a little
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girl. someone swiped archie from her side after she fell asleep on a bart train on wednesday night. today, this morning she got a text pointing to a home near the balboa bart station. police showed up and found archie confirmed it was him and there was a happy reunion at the station. >> it's a mira ke. i am overwhelmed and just so happy. >> so it's been the fact i'm so grateful to everyone to help me get him back. >> thousands of dollars training a comfort dog so it's important she get him back.
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charges are pending. people in the house were not the same that sent her that text this morning. bart trying to figure out what train she was on. there was a reward up to $3,000. unknown how that will be handled. >> thanks john very much. >> authorities are warning people about door knock burglaries when potential burglars knock on the door, if home they'll ask you directions and if not home they break in. authorities say contact police if someone sus spishus comes knocking at the door. >> a big win for hilton hotel workers. management all smiles announcing a new five-year labor contract coming months before the current contract expires. that means both sides avoid the protests, lock outs and walkouts that plagued negotiations in the past.
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>> our goal is to welcome new companies coming to the city. they will feel comfortable coming here time and time again. >> it gives workers a 4% increase every year. it's up to the workers to decide each year how much that will go to wages, pension and health benefits. >> abc 7 news hosting a job fair. the higher event. hotel whitcom. at and t, home depot and santa clara sheriff's departments will be there looking for workers. >> we have all heard warnings to protect our self from hackers but that is not the only place they're looking for
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us. >> from bad to worse. >> yes. >> have you privacy online it's been at right after this skpk now, off line is being targeted. too. data brokers are now beginning to track you in the real world just as much as they tracking in the cyber one. >> we've arrived where it's possible to piece piece together what we do online with off line so. marketers are able to take technology and data and be able to make it an offer to me while i'm surfing the web based on something i fwhougt a store. >> investigations into the practition 'tises are being set up in sites that are expected to intensify this,
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could be a game changer, finally a smart phone plan that is either prepaid nor a two year contract. t-mobile rolled out a plan where the cost is separated from the service. now this hatters because consumers will be bill forward their phone but after paid off, the monthly charge drops. and consumers pay less, in traditional contracts the phone and phone service are wrapped together under a single fee. >> nice change autos it is. >> and back to work. it's cool, cloudy out there. >> we're going to see more cloud cover and possibility of rain. a stiff breeze and it's been a chilly afternoon. cloud cover out there. rain drops may in the be far
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behind. i'll show you what it looks like. some moisture well off the coastline is not going reach the bay area. rile rite now only moisture reaching the ground is around northwestern portion of california. let's check out the winds gusting to 29 miles per hour at sfo. gusts about 20 half moon bay. temperatures cooler than yesterday. and cloud cover but check out this lovely show we speak of cloud cover it's on multiple layers. you can see beautiful sky. it's 57 in san jose. a cool 50 in half moon bay. you can also see hazy sky die
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to high cloud cover. temperatures santa rosea, 56 degrees highs so far have been into low 50s to low 60s. high clouds, a slight chance of showers of the in the bay area and rain possible easter sunday. this area of low pressure pulling up cloud cover. and that is what we're going to see filtered sun at times and potential for isolated showers developing into tomorrow afternoon you'll notice slight chance of showers over higher terrain. it doesn't look that impressive. thursday we have a real chance of showers here if we get anything looking right now
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right. tomorrow morning with cloud cover temperatures will be comfortable. 46 palo alto. oakland, fremont. 45 degrees, looking at highs for tuesday, partly cloudy skies. 65 san jose. 64 milpitas. peninsula 64 degrees in palo alto. 06 in millbrae. downtown 59 degrees up to the north around clear lake have you a chance of showers around your area 65 there. 65 santa rosa. 63 san rafael. east bay, mid-60s oakland. 66 in walnut creek, partly cloudy skies tuesday, wednesday. isolated showers possible over higher terrain.
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slight chance of showers thursday, dry, warmer friday. slight chance of showers saturday looks looking possible easter now. that looks like monday it's not a perfect forecast but we need moisture here, you'll want to follow live doppler 7 for spare the air alerts and weather tweets from your favorite weather team here we'll keep you informed of any moisture heading our way and any changes in our weather forecast. until then enjoy intervals of clouds for now. we'll see possibility of rain that. means kids may be dodging drops as they look for those eggs but stay with us. that may be changing. i'm sandhya patel.
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>> still ahead how kit pay to go green on the road in california. >> and new at 6:00 michael finney helps a man whose unpaid bill was sent to a collection agency for something he didn't
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california clean vehicle rebate program is going well they're adding another $6 million to the project just in time as the previous rebate program was rung out of money. >> we want to make sure we allow californians to be able to purchase these vehicles. there will be no benefits to taxpayers and to the air okay? >> just last week california energy commission approved
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$5.5 million for things like producing bio fuels to make trucks run cleaner. >> and starting tomorrow night late night bart rider will be facing delays. it takes place on tuesday, wednesday and thursday nights. >> swus. research may have paid off. >> what a hotel will do with this cherished painting.
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in the newsroom coming up in half an hour at 6:00 a bay area bureaucrat is the highest county paid administrator in the state sets to collect a big paycheck for life. one victim may never walk again. the owner giving up on the club z the very real threat of a tsunami striking the california coast who. is watching out for them? what you can do to be ready, it's coming up at 6:00. >> an expensive painting a hotel wanted to put up for sale. >> the pid piper had been hanging around a bar since it reopened after 1906 earthquake.
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>> thus it was selling this painting caused an uproar. so, today, the hotel back tracked. >> the $3 million painting will remain at the hotel but first will be restored. >> it's in route to new york city. and should take between four to six weeks. >> the mayor told abc 7 news he called the manager to ask the paintings stay in san francisco. >> that is gorgeous. >> should be there. right? >> it's a great center piece. >> it is. >> world news is coming up next. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. we'll see you again at 6:00. this is "world news." tonight, never ending winter. snow, slush, sliding.
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parts of the country now in the grips of the 50th storm of the season. twice as many traffic accidents, and sam champion reveals when will we finally see spring. pay back. was the prison chief gunned down in his doorway after trying to break up a white supremacist gang? get out alive. 30 seconds to save your life if your car runs off the road and water is rushing in. we show you how to evacuate and use 911 guidelines on the way. and no fear. how the basketball team from a tiny school is beating the big guy, shocking the tournament, tonight. good evening on this monday night as millions of americans scan the horizon for spring.
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tonight, record amounts of snow are still falling and just watch. we have a time-lapse video of the snow piling up and piling up and continuing to pile up overnight in st. louis. it just keeps coming in parts of the country. as roads are so slick, crashes and injuries have doubled from a year ago. our extreme weather team tracking the mess on the roads tonight. abc's gio benitez starts us off. >> reporter: across the midwest the drive is rough. for these cars, the drive out is impossible. cars, even snowplows, littering the sides of the interstate. it's not what spring should look like and police can't keep up. >> ready to go. >> reporter: we rode along as indiana state police sergeant rich sargent showed us the dangerous roads. >> the spring is k

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